Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am the Gun Owner

 I learned Gun Control in Junior High School Rifle Club: Safety and Marksmanship, 1962.

I study History, read widely and have a lifelong love of libraries.

I go to church and I go to the firing range.

I vote in every election and write to elected officials and editors.

I have my Grandfather’s revolver and my Father’s rifle and his war trophies.

I served the United States of America in Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Panama, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

I have a license to Carry Concealed a pistol.

I own four pistols with multiple magazines for each.

I own four rifles with extra clips and lots of brass and ammunition.

I am responsible and I expect better of everyone.

I have read the Constitution and have memorized the 2nd Amendment, I know what full citizenship means.

Rifleman William Earl Dungey, I AM A Gun Owner

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