Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thou shall not call FIRE! in a crowded building...

You will cause panic and in the darkness and the mad rush to the doors people will get hurt. I think that is the first example of why the Bill of Rights doesn't mean what it says - you have to have a law against that 'free' speech.  

Everybody knows that, right? But then, what about when there is a fire?

Well, there should be a law: So we can make one: One shall call FIRE! in a crowded building only upon being shown that there truly is a fire, increasing heat, smoke and fright, and calmly instructing all listeners to walk to the lighted exits and depart the building, holding hands with the little ones and assisting all those that that cannot move themselves. Press two for options of other languages, good advice and to find a fireman that is paid to protect this building and the patrons.

I am certain the staff of any good legislator will figure out all the reasons and ways to make the law fully comprehensive and in small enough print to post for the public consumption in public areas where needed.

So instead of figuring out how to destroy the 2nd Amendment, since we already know we can't call a kettle 'Black' since that is offensive and may go all the way to "HATE" speech. We should continue to modify for our benefit the 1st Amendment.

There aren't any real Zombies, wandering mindless undead, shuffling along with only the need to consume healthy brains and create more zombies - really, they don't exist, and don't tell me you see them in the Political Party faithful everywhere,  because the cultural Main Stream Media has been selling the idea (for years and years) that only silver bullets, a solid shot in the head or Voodoo can take them down and out. One of the reasons we have to support Haiti is that whole nation believes in Voodoo and Zombies.

So our right to be spouting out fiction, fantasy, unscientific and unproven lies about Zombies should be curtailed before the enlightened Patriots start shooting the shuffling mindless brain eating monsters of the media madness. I mean, some of the Republicans and Democrats are thinking, caring people and just because it looks like a zombie, walks like a zombie and talks like a zombie - they shouldn't be shot around Halloween, most of them are children and adults that act like children trying to be cool or frightening - but if we had stopped Michael Jackson from promoting 'Thiller' music video and dance madness we might know the truth about the media -- good lies sell ad space and DVDs, Videos and Concerts, theater tickets and 
foolish behavior.

Now that the whole stupidity of the 1st Amendment is clear - let us get to the truth about arms in the hands of the People. One, decidedly more People that own and operate firearms for their benefit cause less problems than politicians and criminals and the unknowing for their benefit. That more people die due to gravity, than will ever die to firearms in the hands of normal people.  Politicians that want your guns, criminals that want your guns are not doing it because they love you and will protect you and your family. The founding fathers, the writers and voters of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - tried to prohibit the Government from stupid behavior, they failed, there is no test to determine if an elected official or any of those hired by the government (which is an institution - not a thinking human being) knows anything about the Constitution, the English language or being a fine citizen willing to defend the nation against all its enemies, foreign or domestic. No matter how hard, badly and foolishly they swear. 

Today's picture is Earl carrying concealed, my Bible is inside a cover. God bless all our best, and open our eyes to His. Amen


  1. Well said, and as has been pointed out, more are killed by hammers than 'assault' weapons...