Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Repeal Daylight Savings Time!

I like thinking I am as slim and trim as I once was, but fun house mirrors aren't everywhere, so the sloppy sags are very difficult to hide from my analyzing eye - although a broader belly holds more snacks, and crumbs while in the recliner watching mindless media motions, until one gets up and it falls to the rugs weave...

Anyway, all time is Relative, i'nStein proved it. You could have fifty hour days, twenty day weeks and so on. Earth time a 'day' is one rotation of the Earth, in Creation time a 'day' is just as long as God needed it to be.

In the dairy community, of America, I understand they milk two times a day. It isn't called anything but milking time. All participants know when that is, the animals know, the milkers know - and it doesn't matter that Congress has no real idea, it will get done on those times - ir-relative of Daylight Savings or whichever time zone. Milking time is twice a day... Both milking times could be in the daylight hours, or the nightdark hours.

But those control monsters, they want everyone to do it on 'their' time, don't they? So they pretend by shifting everyone's time an hour they save Daylight and make commerce in the evening better and safer and gee whizzer than anything. When they could find a bean and coin counter that would do the mathematics, they even decided to extend the Daylight Savings time shift into the darn darker Seasons of the year.  An Earth year being equal to the total number of time units to go around the Sun, whatever your time units.

This year concept isn't very perfect, Julius Caesar and King George of England put their names to modification of calendars to perfect the measurements of the year, so the crops would come up on time - control of the calendar is one of the first signs of trying to become godlike, thinking if you can measure it, you can control it, tax it and save it. But I have it on good authority, when it is time to bud, bloom and grow - it is controlled off calendar.

What I want to point out to the fools in Congress and the government that think they have saved any daylight, they haven't. But since they know nothing about money, I am sure they couldn't know anything about daylight - which has been around much longer.

Still, I have to admit, with advanced mathematics and science, computer power, universal grid and satellite feed we could go to proportional time. So it could be perfect, totally.

We want a midday mark. Normally, in English, Noon and a midnight mark called Midnight. And since those learned survivors of the tower of Babel decided that sixty was a sexy number - minutes and seconds are in sixty units, but days are in twenty four hours (how that happened I don't know, I can't read clay tablets). So we keep twenty-four hours as the divisions we like, and twelve of them should be dark and twelve of them should be light. That is the way the Sun sees it; it is organic time on Earth, half in light and half in dark.

Now being a Federal or World government bent on more goodness than gracious - twelve of each is fair but impractical, They want to have fourteen hours of light to increase commerce and safety, not too many productive hours in those dark times, lot of crime and sinning happening where the sun don't shine - ten hours of darktime will be enough for a solid eight healthy hours of sleep, a couple left over for meditation and romance.

So in Earth Proportional Time, there will be seven hours of light on each side of MidDay, or Noon, and five hours of dark on each side of midnight. Now here is where the miracle of our enlightened progressive thinking comes along. The number of hours, the number of minutes and the number of seconds in daylight or darkness continue. The miday for everywhere is when the Sun is exactly over head. Everything is relative to those facts. I know, when the daylight is small time will fly, but you do get a lot more beauty sleep in the dark. When the daylight is larger you can get so much more done, that there should be thousands of sub four minute milers everywhere, if they weren't spending those more productive hours consuming conspicuously or producing prodigiously. Where in the dark colder season it took half a day to make a car, in the light warmer season it was five cars in that same half day.

All vacations could be scheduled with health and holidays in the darkcold times since they would be found to be too slow to produce enough making our work days most productive. Of course, you would still end up with only two milking times per day - but agriculture just never catches up, do they?


  1. You do know a dollar in 1810 and 1910 had more in common than the dollar of 2010? Really.


    Just because a government designed it, makes it, or loves it, doesn't make it better always.

  2. "but agriculture just never catches up, do they?" Of course not, since the cows can't tell time... they just go by udder time :-)

    1. My point, keep it simple, milking time.