Sunday, October 14, 2012

You want to destroy Islamic Terrorists, preach the Good News.

 The government in Washington, DC, really likes a passive population, afraid of the terrorists and the things that go bump in the night.

 As much as I worry about the loss of honor and bravery in America - it is only the politicians and media and bankers that seem afraid of truth, and I know that the way the Taliban wants to rule their world for their religion and culture is a failure even if we leave like we did in Vietnam. But leaving doesn't make America stronger... hmm.
 No, we need to rededicate ourselves - I have heard that somewhere before... but being Politically correct is just so WRONG!

So, I think I will go and take up the cross and spread the Good News. Doesn't seem to be coming out of Washington, DC.

I have no problem killing my enemies, I just think they will be so much better to live beside when they are converted to the Truth. And if you were ever subjected to trying to sleep beside hundreds of dead decaying bodies you would appreciate the much better alternative, pray for and convert your enemies. Such an easy thing. Kind of like feeding the multitude, it is a distribution problem, not a lack of food.

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  1. Not politically correct now, no plan to go there in the future either...