Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smoke and mirrors... how human that is...

Everyone knows (I really don't like that phrase) that humans are mammals and therefore animals. Which is almost true, but humans are different. Really different. Science keeps trying to make us one with all other life, but we are really different. One of the biggest differences is thinking and creating - art and music.

Thinking is bigger than you think. But thinking allows thoughts about self and what one can't do, can do, and want to do. That brings up - there must be something beyond me that I should be able to influence in my direction or favor. Yep, and that is where we fall down from just other animals. Being a guy, I will concentrate on fight or flee. An animal will just do it - one or the other, without thought, and man will attempt to think it over.... and then find help.

Our religious institutions and political systems are designed to find you help for everything you never thought about. Honestly. With all our lively activities the government and the religious institutions will attempt to control your activity for your benefit... or they need another puff of smoke or another mirror in their illusion to make you comfortable.

There are some realities in the universe that I will share, you may have run into them before.

Gravity works, it isn't controlled by government nor the pastor.

Love is better than money - and love is only possible when one gives self to other than.

Science is finding a truth about a thought, and how you feel isn't science, nor are 'experts' scientists, although a scientific method may help them find a sharper thought to use.

Maternity and paternity are impossible to balance in a homosexual partnership, and such a partnership will not be fertile - although the participants could be wonderfully happy and loving.

Because I exist, I have no right to mess up your existence - I will pretend you believe that, too, just don't push it - or the relationship between us may end in one's end of existence.

And if I knew only as little as I did yesterday I would have stopped thinking, and testing and trying. My mother would have told you that I was always trying.

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