Sunday, September 16, 2012

I have been earning my deep sleep, recently...

Tour guide for my sister into the Great NorthWest. We moved to Washington in 1994, and have finally seen Mount St. Helens, and Big Foot territory. Very surprising to me, since I have used the exit to Castle Rock many times in support of Appleseeds, but never turned to the East to see the epic record of how tiny our efforts are to control the Earth we live upon.

On the way back to the computer cave and safety from the terrible world outside of the internet connections I stopped and had dinner at the Hawks Prairie Restaurant, a favorite hangout of bikers on a run, coffee and breakfast are done right there. I ordered a modest rib eye, 14 oz was a bit much. Life was perfect until I tried the steak knife provided.

It wasn't sharp, I was carrying three knives that would have cut that wonderful steak so much cleaner and as it deserved. But I didn't complain, didn't ask for another knife, and didn't whip out my own. I just hacked away with vigor and wept internally. Well, I did mention my discontent to my sister and wife. Which started the tales of our personal knives. Mine is always of my mother asking at a luau for my knife so she could peal her fruit. My brother Wynn was shocked when I pulled it out and opened it and handed it to her. He was so sure that the air line would have kept me disarmed.

My sister had a similar story, she carries apples to snack on, and Mom wanted one and she gave her one, then she said it had to be pealed. So my sister took out her knife and pealed it for her. My other sister was also surprised that she was carrying a knife. Now to me, that is evidence of parallel universes, one in which my older sister and I were raised and one in which my younger brother and sister were raised by parents with exactly the same name but different results. All the other siblings are basically nice people, and I may grow into it, but I won't hold my breath. Still except for our various talents and interests - one would expect us all to be less different in having a tool to cut things as needed in our purse or pocket.

Could be there is hope for intelligent life in Washington DC one day. It is on the same planet as I am, we could better prepare for the time we will need a sharp knife to cut the budget spending and federal government waste and personal enrichment programs. Could happen, but I might become a saint first. Don't hold your breath.... I drive my sister to sleep at night with my political rumblings or is that grumblings. Tis Sunday and we will go to worship the Lord. Be good out there.

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  1. I actually quit carrying my swiss army knife when I started teaching because even teachers cannot carry weapons, i.e. knives, in school. Up until then, it was either in my pocket or in my purse. I wonder why I was surprised by Sis carrying a knife.